UC Davis Global Affairs Faculty Seed Grant Experiences Featuring Susan Williams

A Tale of Two Snails in Warming Water (BIS 124 Student Video)

Sans Cerata (BIS 124 Student Video)

Anemones or Enemies? (BIS 124 Student Video)

A Take of Two Crabs (BIS 124 Student Video)

Tubes in Tubes (BIS 124 Student Video)

Seize the Caprellidae:: Interactions Between Invasive Species (BIS 124 Student Video)

Celebration of Marine Science and James Clegg Lecture Hall Dedication

Students explore marine science at Bodega Marine Laboratory

Effects of Copper Oxide Nanomaterials on Sea Urchin Embryos

Student research courses at Bodega Marine Laboratory

Robots are helping answer a huge unknown about young marine life

Bodega Marine Laboratory: Celebrating 50 Years!

Bodega Marine Laboratory 50th Anniversary Alumni Event

Bodega Marine Laboratory 50th Anniversary Chancellor’s Event

The Best Way to Track Baby Starfish? Robots, of Course

UC Davis Scientists Deploy “Larvae Robots” into Pacific Ocean

Sea Urchins Pull Themselves Inside Out to be Reborn

Saving Our Native Oysters

Acid’s Effect on Snail Intelligence

California Giant Kelp: A fish-eye journey under the canopy

Becoming Marine Scientists at Bodega Marine Laboratory

Combatting Climate Change with Seagrass

Baby White Abalone

Summer Undergraduate Sessions in Experimental Invertebrate Biology & Coastal Marine Research

Taking the Plunge, Scientific Diving Program at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory

Delicacy of the Deep, Saving White Abalone

Synthetic Clothes may be Polluting San Francisco Bay

Crabbers Struggling Through Normally Booming Thanksgiving Week

A day in the Life of a BML Summer Student

The UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

Virtual Tour of BML

Take a look at the programs and facilities at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory.

NY Times Mark Bittman “What Oysters Reveal About Sea Change”

Ocean Acidification & Oysters

Climate change threatening indigenous oysters

“Turning the Tide on Ocean Acidification” featuring the Bodega Ocean Acidification Research (BOAR) group.

Endangered white abalone successfully bred in North Bay lab


UC Davis Working to Save White Abalone

White Abalone Development

The White Abalone Captive Breeding Program at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory works to restore endangered white abalone populations. This video shows the development of white abalone from fertilization to adult.


Bodega Marine Laboratory Spring Class Student Research Project: Intertidal Snail Movement

Student Austin Taylor (BML Spring Quarter 2012 Marine Biology, BIS 122, NPB 141) observed the effect of wave action on the behavior of the intertidal black turban snail Chlorostoma (Tegula) funebralis.


Why Oysters are Ecologically Important

BML Graduate student Jill Bible studies how to best restore Olympia oyster populations in an era of increasing environmental change. Learn more about Ocean Acidification research at BML



Grad Student with a Mission and a View

UC Davis graduate student Jill Bible teaches science, but she definitely enjoys the hands-on research she conducts at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory.



Stargazing on Rocky Shores

At the Bodega Marine Laboratory, a UC Davis scientist Eric Sanford studies sea stars and mussels to determine how climate change will affect ecosystems along the California coast.


Marine Science Looks to the (Sea) Stars

Extremely sensitive to shifts in temperature, the ochre sea star is considered a “keystone species” for monitoring the effect of changing air and ocean temperatures on California’s marine life. Eric Sanford of the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory puts these beautiful creatures to the test, using their appetite for mussels as the yardstick.


Ocean Babies on Acid

What happens to the delicate larvae of ocean creatures when they are exposed to increasing acid levels in the ocean? Stanford University and Bodega Marine Lab scientists conduct an experiment on how acidity levels expected in the next century affect the 28,000 genes of tiny, young sea urchin larvae. Learn more about Ocean Acidification research at BML


Studying Acid to Save Oysters

UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory biologists harvest oysters for study about their future.

Learn more about Ocean Acidification research at BML


BML researchers study the effects of ocean acidification on Tomales Bay oyster.

Learn more about Ocean Acidification research at BML