Marine & Coastal Science Undergraduate Major

An exciting new undergraduate program in Marine & Coastal Science has been approved at UC Davis.The B.S. in Marine and Coastal Science exposes students to a strong foundation of science preparatory material, significant breadth across this interdisciplinary field, and one chosen focus area.

A Word From Two Marine and Coastal Science Majors

Two grads talk about their experience in marine and coastal science during the summer program at Bodega Marine Laboratory, and how it allowed them the freedom to explore the type of science they wanted to focus on. More >


At other universities, Marine Science degree programs for undergraduates are typically found within one host department or school. The new Marine & Coastal Science Major at UC Davis is the first of its kind that incorporates the strengths of three colleges on campus (Letters & Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences), including contributions from 6 departments and Bodega Marine Laboratory, to offer students a truly interdisciplinary approach to Marine & Coastal Science. The Marine & Coastal Science Major also bears the unique stamp of UC Davis in offering courses, fieldwork and research opportunities that highlight the terrestrial-marine interface, coastal issues, and human impacts on the marine environment.

Strengths of this innovative major include:

  • Interdisciplinary courses, including field and research/internship experiences, to encourage students to think broadly and collaboratively.
  • The opportunity for mastery in one focus area while providing exposure to many facets of Marine and Coastal Science. Focus areas include: Coastal Environmental Processes, Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology, Marine Environmental Chemistry, and Oceans and the Earth System.
  • Through interdisciplinary, hands-on course experiences, students will develop a strong foundation for future careers in research, teaching, government, policy, and/or the private sector.

The Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences will provide an academic “hub” for the major, including staff advising. Interested students should contact one of the faculty or staff advisors listed below.

Faculty advisors:

Staff advisor:

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