Graduate students collaborate with Indonesian students

CAMEOS Indonesian Collaboration on Marine Debris and Coastal Rehabilitation

CAMEOS Fellows go to Washington

Each year, fellows communicated their results to other academic scientists, government officials, and the public. They attended the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education Annual Meeting, the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, and a Gordon Research Conference over the past few years. Fellows also visited U.S. Congress offices to brief elected officials about research advances relevant to current policy issues and to highlight how fellows’ research serves society.

Local K-12 students publish their research

This paper was a collaboration between Jacob Moore, a CAMEOS National Science Foundation Graduate K-12 fellow, and 10th grade students at Marine Carrillo High School students. They tested the effect of nitrogen on the growth and flower number of the English Daisy. Their results were published in The Journal of Emerging Investigators, a peer-reviewed journal designed specifically for middle school and high school students.

CAMEOS Highlights from 2012