CAMEOS Fellows Go To Washington

Fellows in the CAMEOS program are active in sharing knowledge from their scientific as well as their educational research. Each year, fellows communicate their results to other academic scientists, government officials, and the public. They have attended the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education Annual Meeting, the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, and a Gordon Research Conference over the past few years.  Each year, fellows also visit U.S. Congress offices to brief elected officials about research advances relevant to current policy issues and to highlight how fellows’ research serves society. Below you can find posters and briefing statements from past and current fellows.

CAMEOS Fellows J Bean and R Fontana CAMEOS Fellows T Mata and J Bean

All materials are PDF files

Briefing Statements
Author Title
Renate Eberl NSF enhances science in K-12 classrooms.
Rachel Fontana Ocean observing systems.
Rachel Fontana California coastal upwelling ecosystems and ocean observing systems.
Sarah Gravem Impacts of climate change on life.
Sean Riddle Increasing performance in computer systems: how is it done & why does it matter.
Dale Trockel Overfishing of sharks causes rapid decline in top predators.


Author Title Conference
Jessica Bean, Sean Riddle, J. Scotchmoor, B. Ludascher, Susan Williams Documenting the scientific process:
A computer-based tool for journaling research experiences in K-12 classrooms
AAAS Annual Meeting 2013
Patrick Grof-Tisza, Chris Griesemer, Sarah Hameed, Lisa Komoroske, Casey Peters, Olivia Rhoades, Anna Steel, Jessica Bean, Susan Williams Using Scientific Teaching Principles to Strengthen Professional Partnerships in Education AAAS Annual Meeting 2013
Sean Riddle, Renate Eberl, Jessica R. Bean, Bertram Ludaescher, and Susan Williams Mapping Scientific Research Experiences in the K-12: Activities and Computer-based Tools. National Science Foundation GK-12 Annual Meeting 2012
D. Trockel, R. Eberl, P. Grof-Tisza, S.O. Hameed, L.M. Komoroske, J.R. Bean, S.L. William CAMEOS Fellows’ Research Helps Students Meet the Challenges of Scientific Inquiry National Science Foundation GK-12 Annual Meeting 2012
J.R. Bean, R. Eberl, R.E. Fontana, D. Trockel, A. Newsom, S.A. Gravem, B.S. Cheng, M. Byrd, M. Chow, V. Chow, S.L. Williams Framework for an Open Inquiry Curriculum: Engaging Students Through Independent Research Projects in Local Environments. National Science Foundation GK-12 Annual Meeting 2011
Rachel Fontana Fronts in California Upwelling Ecosystems: Predictability Based on Temperature and Salinity Patterns. National Science Foundation GK-12 Annual Meeting 2010
J.R. Bean, S.M. Brander, M. Byrd, R.E. Fontana, S.A. Gravem, A. Hettinger, T.M. Mata, A.I. Szoboszlai, M. Chow, V. Chow, S.L. Williams Connecting Land to Sea: Developing Scientific Inquiry Skills by Studying Marine Debris. AAAS Annual Meeting 2010


CAMEOS Fellows in Washington