BML Summer Session FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarships available for study at BML

These fellowships are competitively awarded to excellent students who are in financial need to support their studies at BML. Open to UCD and non-UC Davis students.

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Q: How much do these courses cost?

A: Summer course fees are posted by UCD Summer Sessions. The approximate cost is $300/unit, plus additional fees. The cost of the courses varies based upon what kind of student you are, so please check the link.

Q: How do I apply?

A: BML summer applications will be available online in mid-January. Applications are due April 1, 2018.

Q: I am a commuter student and I only want to take one class. For your classes listed as 1 day/week, when will they meet?

A: Scheduling is still underway, but it is likely that these courses will take place between 10am-4pm to accommodate students commuting from around the bay area. They will likely be scheduled on Weds or Thursday, but these decisions are still being made.

Q: I am a Sonoma County resident, and I want to take several courses – do I need to pay for room + board at BML?

A: You are not required to do so, but we do recommend this option since so many students find the residential experience at BML to be a fabulous component of their BML experience.

Q: How do I request housing for my summer session?

A: You will request housing with meals within the official course application.

Q: How much does housing with meals cost?

A: $3,042.00 per Summer Session. Students that sign up for room and meals will be billed through their UCD Student Account. All rooms are considered double occupancy with a private bath, two twin beds, two dressers, two desks and large closet.

Q: Can I stay at BML Housing and pay for meals occasionally or must I purchase the full plan for the 6 week session?

A: No, summer students that choose to live on site must pay for the entire 6 week session.

Q: I am currently a high school Junior, or a Senior getting ready to move to college next year. Are these courses open to me?

A: No these courses are not appropriate for high school students, but any student from any college (local or not) can apply for these courses.

More questions? Please contact Ellie Fairbairn @ BML (707) 875-2045.