Research Experiences for Undergraduates Project Posters 2005-2010

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ardisana Ryanne Ardisana: Does climate or predation have a greater impact on barnacle size, distribution and abundance?

coulbourne Meghan Coulbourne: Does Dinner Make a Difference? The Effects of Algal Diversity on Herbivore Preference and Performance

guitard Michelle Guitard: What’s Currently Happening: Do Currents Slow Down Near Shore?

jones Gillian Jones: Multidrug Resistance in Normal and Cancerous Mussel Blood Cells

meyer Kirstin Meyer: Acidic Accomplice Effects of ocean acidification on predation on the Olympia oyster

mitchell Reed Mitchell: Comparative Osmoregulation in Two Morphotypes of the Green Crab: the Colorful Carcinus maenas

ivens Morgan Ivens-Duran: Danger at a Snail’s Pace Facilitation Between Non-Native Mollusks

plank Carly Plank: Feeding and Habitat Preference of Small Grazers in Bodega Harbor

cerda Jasmina A. Cerda: Where Do Skeleton Shrimp Live?


claar Danielle Claar: Dynamics of the Docks Interactions in a Space Limited Community

Shane Downing: Past to present: Comparing microfossils from two locations on the California coast to understand ocean acidification

forsch Margaux Forsch: The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Larval and Juvenile Growth Rates in the Olympia Oyster Ostrea lurida

kai Jessie Kai: Acidic mucus… Do native C. gracilis crabs care? Trait-mediated interaction between a native crab and an introduced sea slug

klauder Kaija Klauder: Small Mammal Granivory in a Coastal Prairie Ecosystem

page Heather Page: Effect of Ocean Acidification on Metabolism and Protein Synthesis of Olympia Oyster Ostrea lurida Larvae

tamminga Aaron Tamminga: Depletion of dissolved oxygen in a stratified closed estuary: Russian River, California

traiger Sarah Traiger: Distribution, associations, and behavior of the predatory sea star Leptasterias hexactis and a herbivorous snail, Tegula funebralis


Dewar Kay Dewar: The Behavior of Invasive Batillaria attramentaria Compared to the Native Horn Snail and the Impacts of the Invader on Bodega Harbor

Fisher Anne Fisher: What Coastal Marsh Sediments Reveal About Land Use Change; Bodega Bay, CA

Hoey Jennifer Hoey: The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Larval Growth in the Native Oyster Ostrea lurida

King Brittany King: Relationships Between Environmental Factors and Fecal Indicator Bacteria Contamination at Campbell Cove Beach

Leerberg Dena Leerberg: Alternatives to Copper Paint as Herbivore Deterrents

LeRoy Svere LeRoy: Developing a Proxy for Seawater Nutrients Using Baboo Coral

Lipus Adam Lipus: Mechanisms of trophic cascades in a rocky intertidal zone: why predator removal is a “Pisaster disaster” for macroalgae

Maliwanag Marissa Maliwanag: Grazers Preference on Genotypic Variation in Eelgrass

McLaughlin Kari McLaughlin: Using U/Ca Ratios to Reconstruct Past Ocean pH

Polland Carly Polland: Ecdysteroid Analog Feedback Regulation on Y-Organs in the European Green Crab, Carcinus maenas

Ramsower Alexander Ramsower: Are Intertidal Seaweeds Nutrient-Limited in the California Upwelling System?


Emam Taraneh M. Emam: Early growth of introduced and native grasses on lupine-enriched soil

Guerra Clarity R. Guerra: Morphology of Three Populations of the Gastropod Acanthinucella spirata

Grabiel Marcos Grabiel: Grazing reduction by Tegula funebralis in the presence of a keystone predator, Pisaster ochraceus: evidence for trait-mediated indirect interactions

Jackman Jennifer Jackman : Feedback Regulation of Y-Organ Secretion in the European Green Crab, Carcinus maenas

Karalius Todd Karalius: Do Native American kitchen (midden) sites influence the cover of introduced species?

Panlilio Jennifer Panlilio: Size-based predation of Cancer spp. on the  invasive European Green Crab, C. maenas

Rogers Tanya L. Rogers: Consumer effects on two fouling communities

Victor Kaiko’o Victor: The Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Ostrea lurida Larvae

Bonilla Vives Nelson Omar Bonilla Vives: Priority Effects:The Importance of the First Settler on the Marine Fouling Community

Wagner Chelsie Wagner: The Effects of Climate Change on an Intertidal Snail, Nucella canaliculata

Young Melody L. Young: Variation of Nitrogen Levels in Pelvetiopsis limitata and its Effect on Reproduction


Achille Brian C. Achille: Stressed Out: Characterizing the adaptive responses of Lottia digitalis exposed to multiple stressors

Couture Jessica L. Couture: Indirect Effects of Predation on the Timing of Larval Release of Pachygrapsus crassipes

Goldring Adam Goldring: Characterizing change in the yellow bush lupine, Lupinus arboreus,using high-resolution aerial photography

Hernandez Joanelle Hernández: The scent of a predator: the effects of chemical threats on shell selection in the hermit crabs, Pagurus samuelis and Pagurus hirsutiusculus

Andy Ho Andy Ho: Long-term residence and solar heating of deep water in stratified bar-built estuaries: Salmon Creek Estuary, California

Stephanie Ho Stephanie Ho: Benthic Foraminifera of Bodega Harbor: Changes in species distribution over 26 years

Moyers Brook Moyers: Effects of a putative floral pathogen on the reproductive fitness of native and introduced grasses on a California coastal prairie

Nesbitt Nick Nesbitt: How Do Marine  Invasive Species Affect Trophic Cascades?

Perez Denise Perez: Early Attachment and Penetration of the Mesomycetozoean Fish Pathogen Sphaerothecum destruens in an In VitroCulture System and Resultant Heat Shock Protein Response

Petty Matt Petty: Flow visualization through scale models of biological structures


Bradley Abigail Bradley, Effects of Temperature on Rates of Herbivory and Predation: Consequences for a Trophic Cascade?

Dickey Rachael Dickey, Variation in Material Strength of Mastocarpus papillatus

Gonzalez-Dorantes Cirse A. Gonzalez-Dorantes, Microscopic heterotrophs ameliorate nutrient limitation in the fast-growing seaweed, Cladophora columbiana

Harris Breanna N. Harris, Effects of salinity variation in the leopard shark, Triakis semifasciata from Bodega Harbor, California: Cortisol levels, behavior, and blood composition

Huerta de Garcia Elizabeth Huerta de Garcia, Floral pathogen attacks: Effects of Floral Pathogen on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Native and Introduced Grasses in a Northern Californian Coastal Prairie

Morgan Christina Dawn Morgan, Quantifying color polymorphisms of the asteroid Leptasterias spp.

O'Riley Jaclyn O’Riley, The Role Of Nucella Ostrina As Ecosystem Engineers In The Rocky Intertidal

Swezey Daniel Swezey, Predisposed for Success: The inability of northern whelks to drill the range extending barnacle Tetraclita rubescens

Travis Nicole Travis, Factors limiting the distribution of a native (Acanthinucella spirata) and non-native (Urosalpinx cinerea) oyster drill in Tomales Bay, California

Zavala Angelica Zavala, The Heat Is On: Tegula funebralis Grazing Intensity On Mastocarpus papillatus

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