Boating Safety Program News and Courses



The UCD/BML Boating Safety Program currently offers two boating course formats.

Boating Safety Courses can be scheduled for UCD researchers to meet individual or group project needs by contacting James Fitzgerald at (707) 875-1933, or email

Courses may include:

  • Field safety visits and consultations for project specific boating needs are available.
  • Exclusive training dates¬†may be arranged for focused or project-specific small groups. UCD/BML Principal Investigators, Project Managers and Laboratory Supervisors may request a training date.
  • Two National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) courses are offered and can be adapted to suit group needs.
  • UCD/BML personnel may attend one of the scheduled classes but you must register by notifying the Boating Safety Staff.
  • Hands-on use of boats is a great training advantage; UCD/BML Boating Safety Staff can organize a course at your worksite with your own boats by request.
  • For any of these options, please contact Boating Safety Staff.

California Department of Boating and Waterways, “California Course for Safe Boating”

This open book course is available by mail and on-line for self administration, or we can provide the course materials with a classroom presentation. This training can be held at labs and field stations on or off the UCD campus. Following the classroom session, participants attend a field training day to apply the hands-on skills. Successful completion of the course exam will provide participants with a State of California Certificate of Completion. The field training offers participants exposure and hands-on experience with basic safety practices, survival/personnel recovery methods, and common boating operations. Additional days may be scheduled to facilitate research-specific practices, such as diving, towing, animal/organism collections or instrument deployment and recovery. The curriculum of this course may be adapted to address your specific requirements.

UC Davis, Motor Boat Operator Training Course (MOTC)

The Motor Boat Operator Certification Course (MOTC) is a three day minimum course of instruction. MOTC is equivalent to the Department of Interior Motor Boat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) and includes classroom, field lectures and hands-on training. Typically conducted at Bodega Marine Laboratory, upon request the location of instruction can be adapted to suit and extended to five days to accommodate additional modules specific to a groups requirements, i.e. Open Water Module (OWM), River Module (RM), Airboat Module (ABM). The MOTC is recognized by and adheres to the Department of Interior Training Standards. This course meets the requirements outlined by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). In addition to boat operator training, participants receive instruction in state/federal boating laws, equipment requirements, towing and launching, marlinespike seamanship, rescue and survival skills, fire fighting, vessel troubleshooting and maintenance. Successful completion of the course provides participants with a five year certification, recognized by the DOI and many other federal and state agencies.

Tuition Rates

1. Motorboat Operator Training Course & CA Course for Safe Boating

a. UC Rate-$600.00
b. Non UC Rate- $825

2. California Course for Safe Boating with Field Skills Training

a. UC Rate- $100.00 per day per person
b. Non UC Rate- $150.00 per day per person

3. (ASHI) American Safety & Health Institute- Emergency Care Training: CPR, First Aid, AED, Emergency O2

a. $50.00 per day per person
b. $75 per day per person

We look forward to working with you and wish you another safe and productive year on the water.

James Fitzgerald, ph (707) 875-1933.