Dive Program

Diving is an invaluable research tool. The UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory offers a premier scientific diving program:

The BML-UC Davis Scientific Diving program is an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). As a member UCD follows the Academy’s guidelines for scientific diving and diver training. This allows a smoother transition for divers coming to UCD from other educational and research institutions. The goal of the diving program is to facilitate subtidal research in as safe a manner as is possible.

UCD Diving and Boating Safety Program Overview

While the purpose of the program is to provide instruction for scientific divers, UCD/BML also offers diver training and other ancillary courses, such as emergency care and boating. UCD/BML is affiliated with several nationally recognized scuba and first aid training organizations. UCD/BML works with many other diving programs to develop coordination and standardization of curriculum and methods. We also share subtidal research techniques and tools with other programs. This sharing of personnel, ideas, and equipment ensures that researchers not only have the latest technology and methods available, but also that they can rely on their staff and students to be able to work effectively underwater. This cooperation and reciprocity provides researchers with a much larger pool of skilled and qualified divers.

Jason S. Herum
Diving/Boating Safety Officer

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