Housing and Conference Rates

For 2018

Effective July 1, 2016

UC Policy States That All Non UC Visitors Pay an Additional 33.7% Non-University Differential

Class Rates Room

Bed and Meals, per personAll groups of 10 or more and all long term (1 week or more) summer season undergrads must be on meal plan Dorms Bunks
NIGHTLY $96.00 $76.00
WEEKLY $507.00 $422.00


Overnight Rates w/self-service kitchen access

Bed only, per person Dorms Bunks
NIGHTLY $52.00 $31.00
WEEKLY $210.00 $127.00


Long Term Lodging


2 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, 4 people maximum occupancy

Lodge Rooms

(private bath, shared kitchen) 2 people maximum occupancy per room

NIGHTLY $263.00 $136.00
WEEKLY $1,045.00 $544.00
MONTHLY $2,350.00 $1,221.00


BML Meeting Rooms, Daily Rates

Lecture Hall $381.00
Lounge $304.00
Conference Room $203.00
Other Break Out Rooms $133.00


Other Rates

Conference Extra Help Administrative Fee $71.00
Conference Cancellation Fee w/o 30 Day Notice $660.00
Group Meal Waiting per ½ hr. $71/hour
Third and All Subsequent Lock Outs $89.00 per lock out


Class Style Meals Served in Dining Hall (advance notice required for individual meal purchase)

Breakfast $13.00
Bag Lunch $13.00
Dinner $19.00
Monthly Meals $958.00


Conference Menu

Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

Bodega Marine Laboratory and Reserve Policies and Procedures

Reservation & Application System for Housing and Lab Space