Connect to a BML File Server – Mac

NOTE: Please be sure that you are using the “BML Private” wireless network, the public wireless network is internet only, and doesn’t allow access to printers and file servers.

These instructions assume that you have established credentials (an account) on the BML network. 

Step 1. With the focus on your desktop, choose Go -> “Connect to Server…”

Coonect to File Server Mac 1

Step 2. Choose “Browse”

Connecting to a File Server Mac 2

Step 3. You should see a list of all the computers and file servers on the network. Scroll to the file server you want to log on to, “Chinook”, and double click on the server icon:

Connecting to a FIle Server Mac 3

Note: Occasionally some Macs cannot view all the BML network resources. If you attempt to browse to Chinook and do not see it listed, please go back to Step 1. Desktop > Go > Connect to server and type in the server name following the examples shown below:

(You can use the + option to add the server address to your “Favorite Servers” List)

Connecting to a File Server Mac 4

Connecting to a File Server Mac 4

Step 4. You will see a window similar to the one below, choose “Connect As”:

Connecting to a File Server Mac 4

Step 5. Type in your BML network login and password, you may wish to select the check button to “Remember this password in my keychain” and then choose “Connect”.

Connecting to a File Server Mac 5

Step 6. You are now authenticated on the file server and should see a list of shared resources. Choose the volume you are interested in.

Connecting to a File Server Mac 5

Note: assuming that you have “Shared” as one of the items in your sidebar you can browse network resources from “Shared”, in your sidebar. To add items to your sidebar: bring the desktop into focus, and from the “Finder” menu choose “Preferences”, you will see a window of options like the one below from which you can choose sidebar, and then check next to “Connected Servers” to add it to the sidebar items.

Connecting to a File Server Mac 7

NOTE: You will have to reconnect to a file server each time you reboot or otherwise log out of the BML network, unless you add the volume to your login items. Be aware that if you choose to add a file server to your login items it works best if you save your credentials in your keychain and, obviously, the server will be unavailable to you when you are not on the BML network.