The PEEIR Consortium acknowledges the financial support of the following agencies:

United States Environmental Protection Agency 
Award #R-82867601 - $6,213,023

National Aeronautics & Science Administration
Award #NAG5-11260 - $450,000

California State Resources Agency: CALFED Bay Delta Program
Agreement #4600002051 - $250,000

UC Toxic Substances Research & Training Program - $56,000

We gratefully acknowledge the members of the PEEIR Science Advisory Board for providing essential guidance in the first two years of the project:

Donald De Angelis
USGS/Biological Resources Division
& Department of Biology
University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL

John P. Knezovich, Chair
Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA

Richard Lee
Professor of Oceanography
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Savannah, GA

Charles A. Simenstad
School of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Peter Thomas
The University of Texas at Austin
Marine Science Institute
Port Aransas, Texas

Vern Vanderbilt
Senior Research Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA

The essential work of the PEEIR Consortium could not have been accomplished without the major contributions across project components of dedicated field teams who defied sun, rain, mud, cold, long travel distances, hunger and fatigue to provide the specimens and meet the timelines demanded by our integrated approach to data collection.

Northern California Field Team:
Bill Bennett
Alison Briden
Al Carranza
Ellie Fairbairn
Jim Hobbs
Linda Judah
Zac Kain
Jennifer Kunzelman
Levi Lewis
Steven Morgan
Justin Neviackas
Wendy Rose
Sarah Spilseth
Tammie Visintainer
Sheila Walsh

Southern California Field Team:
Shelley Anghera
Andy Brooks
Dan Brooks
Yiping Cao
Ellie Fairbairn
Ryan Hechinger
Zac Kain
Michael La Montagne
Stephanie Mutz
Wendy Rose
Mark Walter

Biomarker Analysis:
Bill Bennett
Alison Briden
Gary Cherr
Elise Fairbairn
Will Fry
Fred Griffin
Ted Grosholz
Ryan Hechinger
Jack Henderson
Todd Huspeni
Suzy Jackson
Zac Kain
Julie Kellner
Kevin Lafferty
Steven Morgan
Pamela Nieberg
Al Ramirez
Vanessa Rashbrook
Helen Regan
Troy Roepke
Wendy Rose
Ed Smith
Mark Snyder
Erin Tapley
Swee Teh
Carol Vines
Sheila Walsh
Inge Werner
Susan Williams
Barry Wilson

David Baston
Terri Cassel
Seema Datta
Mike Denison
Teresa Fan
Emily Fleming
Peter Green
Rick Higashi
Kathryn Kuivila
Hyun-Min Hwang
Douglas Nelson
Sarah Norris
Bill Schilling

Yiping Cao
Ana Lucia Cordova
Patricia Holden
Tim Hollibaugh
Michael LaMontagne
Mark Page
Kate Scow
Laurie Van Der Werfhorst

Modeling & Integration:
Jon Allen
Susan Anderson
Masami Fujiwara
Bruce Kendall
Winnie Leung
Bill Murdoch
Roger Nisbet
Anitra Pawley
Allan Stewart-Oaten
Jiacheng Yuan

Hydrogeomorphology/Remote Sensing:
Josh Collins
Mary Gastil
Laura Hess
Mui Lay
Lin Li
John Melack
Melinda Mulitsch
Pablo Rosso
Chuck Striplen
Susan Ustin

PEEIR Website:
Susan Anderson
Suzy Jackson
Ginny Laughlin
Laura Sawyer
Deedee Shideler
Webb Sprague