Don Strong

Don Strong

Distinguished Professor
University of California, Davis – Department of Evolution and Ecology
Bodega Marine Laboratory

Bodega Marine Laboratory
P.O. Box 247
Bodega Bay , CA 94923

Phone: (707) 875-2022/(530) 752-7886
Fax: (707) 875-2009
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1971 - PhD - University of Oregon - Population Biology
1968 - MS - University of California, Irvine - Biology
1966 - BA - University of California, Santa Barbara - Biology

Grad Group Affiliations: Population Biology, Ecology

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Research Interests:

Trophic ecology. Ecology and evolution of insect-plant interactions. Soil ecology, natural enemy, and salt-marsh ecology. Biological control of weeds.

Field Sites: Bodega Marine Reserve, San Francisco Bay, salt marshes worldwide

Teaching Interests: Ecology. Population biology.

Recent Publications:

Strong, D. R. and D. A. Ayres. in press. Spartina Introductions and Consequences in Salt Marshes: Arrive, Survive, Thrive, and sometimes Hybridize.. in Silliman, B. R. and Grosholz, T., Eds. Anthropogenic Modification of North American Salt Marshes. University of California Press.

Dugaw, C. J., Preisser, E. L. Hastings, A. Strong, D. R. in press. 2005. Widening the window of persistence in seasonal pathogen--host systems. Theoretical Population Biology. 68:267–276.

Davis, H.G, Taylor, C. M, Lambrinos, J. G. and Strong, D. R. 2004. Pollen Limitation Causes an Allee effect in a Wind-pollinated Invasive Grass (Spartina alterniflora). PNAS 2004 101: 13804-13807.

Preisser, E. L. and Donald R. Strong. 2004. Climate Affects Predator Control of an Herbivore Outbreak. The American Naturalist 163: 754-762.