Eric Sanford, Ph.D.

Eric Sanford

University of California, Davis – Department of Evolution and Ecology Professor, Bodega Marine Laboratory

Bodega Marine Laboratory
P.O. Box 247
Bodega Bay , CA 94923

Phone: (707) 875-2040
Fax: (707) 875-2009
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Research Interests:

Climate Change, Biogeography, and Local Adaptation

The Sanford Lab is interested in how marine populations and communities vary in response to both natural oceanographic variation and anthropogenic climate change. Our research seeks to integrate ecology, evolution, and biogeography to understand the processes that shape marine communities: both over large distances along coastlines, and in an era of accelerating climate change. We seek mechanistic understanding of these processes through coordinated field and laboratory experiments centered at Bodega Marine Laboratory. Much of our work focuses on marine intertidal communities, where organisms and their interactions are diverse and easily studied.

sanford research interests

Ongoing research projects lie primarily in three areas:

  • Local adaptation in marine species
  • The regulation of species’ geographic range limits
  • The influence of climate change and ocean acidification on marine communities

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sanford lab 2015

The Sanford Lab (Summer 2015): From left to right: Olivia Turnross (graduate student), Dan Swezey (graduate student), Jill Bible (graduate student), Chris Kwan (graduate student), Eric Sanford (PI), Jason Toy (technician), Emily Rivest (BOAR post-doc).