Tessa Hill

Tessa Hill

University of California, Davis – Department of Geology
Associate Professor, Bodega Marine Laboratory

Bodega Marine Laboratory
P.O. Box 247
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Phone: (707) 875-1910
Email: tmhill@ucdavis.edu
Fax: (707) 875-2009
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My research spans scales of time and space: I test hypotheses from geologic (past 1 million years) to human timescales (past 100 years, and future), and consider large-scale ocean processes (e.g., circulation changes) down to bays, estuaries, and coastal environments. Despite the breadth of my interests, I have worked to develop a unifying perspective in which I examine climate and environmental change in the context of an Earth system approach, including biogeochemistry, oceanography, and impacts on marine species.

Members of my laboratory group utilize the geochemistry of microfossils and corals to determine rates and magnitude of climate change, the response and adaptation of species to environmental change, the instability of methane hydrates and the impact of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems.  Stable isotopes (d18O,d13C, d15N), trace elements (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca), radiocarbon, and foraminiferal species assemblages are used as proxies for temperature and geochemical changes.

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Hill Lab 1 L-R: Sarah Myhre, Tessa Hill and Sarah Flores enjoying sediment coring aboard the R/V Melville, 2008

Hill Lab 2 Hill lab "family" 2008: Clockwise around Tessa and Mac: Sarah Myhre, Ph.D. student, Kari McLaughlin, REU student, Sverre Leroy, REU student, Chris Myrvold, Ph.D. student, Bart Critser, M.S. student. (missing Sarah Flores, M.S. student, and Anne Fisher, REU student).