Environmental Science and Data Analysis

Download teaching resources at the bottom of this page.

1) Overview of Marine Debris Lesson Plan: Step-by-step guide to introducing students to the issue of marine debris and using it to teach scientific praxis.

2) Introduction to Marine Debris Lecture: Presentation on the ecology, oceanography, toxicology, and conservation science of marine debris. Developed in collaboration with Oikonos.

Lesson plan and powerpoint for an exercise in which student create a timeline of trash degradation in the ocean. Fits well with introductory lectures on marine debris. The timeline students create is to scale, teaching mathematical concepts in addition to information about marine debris.

3) Marine Debris Timeline Lecture

4) Marine Debris Timeline Lesson Plan

Campus Debris Surveys

5) Campus Debris Survey Instructions: Lesson to teach scientific data collection principles through terrestrial debris surveys that students can compare to coastal debris surveys. Developed by Oikonos

6) Campus Debris Survey Data Sheet: Sample data sheet. Adapted from Oikonos.

7) Campus Debris Survey Data Analysis lesson: Step-by-step lesson for teaching students to enter their data in Excel and use the program to graph the results of the campus debris surveys.

8) Campus Debris Survey Excel worksheet for Data Analysis: Pre-made Excel worksheet that allows students to enter their data into tables and have it graphed automatically. Adapted from Oikonos.

9) California Coastal Cleanup Data: Data from 1989-2008 of California Coastal Cleanup days to compare with campus debris surveys.

Albatross Bolus Dissections

10) Instructions and Worksheet: Step-by-step guide for students to dissect albatross boluses.

11) Bolus Data Sheet: Data sheet for students to use while dissecting boluses. Adapted from Oikonos.

12) Bolus Data Graphing Instructions: Worksheet for graphing bolus data. Refers to the campus debris survey data analysis lesson for details.

13) Labels for Albatross Bolus Frames: Museum-type labels for framed boluses.

Final Student Assessment

14) Marine Debris Project Student Assessment Worksheet: Assessment tool to gauge the marine debris lesson's impact on students' understanding of the scientific process.


Funding for CAMEOS is provided by the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program