NSF Research Traineeship - Sustainable Oceans


Oceans span over 70% of the Earth and play critical roles in almost all facets of human well-being, including regulating climate, biodiversity, and feeding the world’s growing population. A grand challenge for society is to improve the scientific understanding of natural and human impacts on marine ecosystems to ensure that the oceans continue to provide for generations to come.

The Sustainable Oceans National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program will train the next generation of marine scientists under a new paradigm that puts the policy focus on the front-end of the research and training enterprise as a means of building more effective links between the science and decisions on sustainable use of living marine resources. 

In most disciplines, prospective students should plan to begin a doctoral program the same fall that they enter Sustainable Oceans as trainees and therefore should apply concurrently. The exception: because of the demanding first-year curriculum in Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE), ARE students should apply by June 1 of the first year in the ARE Ph.D. program. 

Please visit Sustainable Oceans for further information about this NSF funded graduate training program.

The Sustainable Oceans NRT will provide transformative interdisciplinary training spanning

  • Applied math
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Conservation biology
  • Ecology
  • Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Physiology
  • Political science
  • Resource economics

...and other disciplines related to ecosystem-based fisheries management.

The Sustainable Oceans program anticipates training 60 Ph.D. students over five years, including 30 funded trainees who will receive one year of NSF stipend and fee support. The first cohort of trainees will begin in the fall of 2018.

The UC Davis Sustainable Oceans NRT is funded by the US National Science Foundation, under the leadership of PI Jim Sanchirico, and co-PIs Marissa Baskett, Alan Hastings, Nann Fangue, and Louis Botsford.