Coral’s fight for climate survival, explained in DNA

March 29, 2022

Life finds a way.

Sustainable Fishery Policy for a Resilient Future

March 15, 2022

Healthy ocean environments provide vital life support for roughly 3 billion people living in coastal communities worldwide. These vibrant ecosystems deliver numerous benefits to coastal communities that often rely on ocean industries such as commercial fishing for sustenance and income. The resilience of coastal communities and the fishing industry is an issue garnering global attention as fish stocks are pushed to the brink of collapse by combined pressures of overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change.

World Seagrass Day

March 01, 2022

Join us in a celebration of all things seagrass! March 1st is World Seagrass Day, and we're taking an in-depth look at what seagrasses are, how they interact with marine coastal ecosystems, and how they're being impacted by climate change.

The Native Oyster Restoration Project

February 24, 2022


The UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory's Aquatic Resources Group offers a glimpse into the world of oyster aquaculture. See the hatchery, where tiny Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida) - the only oyster species native to the west coast of the US - are prepared for outplanting into the ocean.

This video was filmed and produced by Sam Briggs and features Joe Newman. Want to see more of Sam's work? Check out his science-meets-art photography on Instagram.

Exploring The Science of Larval Dispersal

December 07, 2021

In a world where charismatic megafauna often capture the majority share of attention, microscopic marine larvae can sometimes end up overlooked. However, Dr.

Supporting Marine Science Undergraduates Through Flexibility, Agility, and Inclusivity

November 24, 2021

The 2021-22 academic year brought UC Davis students back to campus, and a new set of challenges and opportunities for the Marine and Coastal Science (MCS) major Lead Mentor. Meghan Zulian, a doctoral student in the Ocean Climate lab at UC Davis & Bodega Marine Laboratory, is tasked with mentoring, teaching, and guiding the undergraduate MCS majors through this year. In a previous blog we explored the impacts of last year’s mentorship program, led by Ph.D. candidate Priya Shukla. Now, Zulian is excited to build on the foundation built by Shukla and expand the program in new and exciting directions.