Marine Ecology Blog Posts

Uncovering the Ecological Network in Bodega Bay

September 15, 2021

Stepping out onto the rocky shore of Bodega Bay, you would quickly notice that the intertidal zone is teeming with life. From mussels and barnacles to crabs and anemones, hundreds of species occupy these rocky areas - experts Jackie Sones and Dr. Eric Sanford estimate that there are about 250 different species that make their homes in this rocky intertidal zone in Bodega Bay!

From Plant to Powder: An Eelgrass Odyssey

March 08, 2021
From Plant to Powder: An Eelgrass Odyssey This is a dried eelgrass sample. After weighing them, Audrey ground the dried third leaf samples into a thin powder to be used in a chemical reaction to determine their starch and sucrose concentrations.

“They are so green!” Dr. Katie DuBois exclaimed as I held the fluorescent green test tube in my hand.

Spotlight On: Carina Fish

June 17, 2020
Exploring the Oceans

Corals are one of the most iconic images of the ocean, offering a spectacular scenery of vibrant, underwater castles for snorkelers and divers. But for marine biogeochemist ​Carina Fish​, these vacation spots aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. Corals are biological time capsules, making them a perfect toolset for Fish to utilize as she uncovers stories about the Earth’s past.

Her career as a marine biogeochemist started in junior year of high school, when she spent a semester abroad on an island focused on place-based education, which included learning how to dive and conduct basic research. Fish consequently gained an interest in oceanography, which encouraged her to pursue a degree in the earth sciences. 

The Seagrass Microbiome Project: Bacteria, the Unseen Heroes?

February 27, 2020

Though bacteria often get a bad reputation, many organisms depend on them. Humans, for example, have gut bacteria that aid with digestion. Similarly, marine plants, like seagrass, host a collection of microorganisms potentially vital to their health. At UC Davis, researchers have created the Seagrass Microbiome Project to learn about these microbial inhabitants. Through the project, they are looking to see whether certain bacteria are fundamental to the plant’s survival.