Mac: How to Add a Network Printer

NOTE: Please be sure that you are using the "BML Private" wireless network, the public wireless network is internet only, and doesn't allow access to printers and file servers.

These instructions are for a Mac running OSX (various), some screens may look slightly different on your mac but the fundamental concepts are consistent across OSX.

Step 1. From the Apple Menu, choose system preferences -> Printers & Scanners

Adding a Printer Mac 1

Step 2. Underneath the list of available printers (if you have any already on your Mac), click on the + sign to add a printer.

Adding a Printer Mac 2

Step 3. Browse the list of available printers and select the appropriate printer, then "Add". Wait a few minutes while your mac adds the printer driver, then the printer has been added.

mac printer IP

Step 4. Next you must enable an option for 2-sided printing. With the printer you just added highlighted, choose "Options & Supplies".

Adding a Printer Mac 4

Under the "Options" tab, check the box "Duplex Unit", then OK.


Step 6. To print 2-sided Within an application print dialogue, choose the appropriate printer from your printer list. Toward the middle of the window, from the pick-list (under "Orientation") choose "Layout". Once you have chosen "Layout" a 2-sided option will appear. Choose "long-edge binding" from the pick-list, then PRINT to send your 2-sided print job to the printer.

Adding a Printer Mac 6