Seminar Videos

"Chasing Harmful Algal Bloom Species using Cutting Edge Technology" - Holly Bowers, 10/23/19

“DNA Thermometry: A Universal Isotope Thermometer for All Domains of Life” - Ruth Blake, 10/16/19

"Ocean Acidification on Washington's Olympic & Southern Salish Sea" - Simone Alin, 10/10/19

“Corals on Acid - The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs a Field Study in Mexico” - Adina Paytan, 10/2/19

"Landscape ecology in the rocky intertidal: Opportunities for advancing discovery and innovation in intertidal research" - Corey Garza, 9/25/19

“Climate impacts to the California coast and beyond” - Patrick Barnard, 9/4/19

“Science in Action: Bridging the Gap Between Marine and Estuarine Science, Policy and Natural Resource Conservation” - Melanie Okoro, 8/28/19

“Creating a Near-Zero Emission Energy System” - Ken Caldeira, 8/21/19

“Coastal Upwelling and Climate Variability” - Marisol Garcia-Reyes, 8/14/19

“Fishing for Community: Fisheries as Social-Ecological Systems” - Angee Doerr, 8/7/19

“The Adaptive Arsenal of Crustacean Larvae Against Predatory and Environmental Stresses of the Plankton” Exit Seminar with Sam Bashevkin, 8/2/19

“The Hidden Diversity of Crustose Coralline Algae and Their Influence on Marine Biodiversity”- Raphael Ritson-Williams, 7/31/19

“Using Genomics to Unlock Animal Origins” - David Gold, 7/24/19

“Tackling Spiny Issues in Echinoid Phylogenetics Using Ultraconserved Elements” - Frances Armstrong, 7/17/19


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