Marine Ecology

Welcoming our new Marine Ecologist, Dr. Anya Brown

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Anya Brown will be joining the Department of Evolution and Ecology as the new Marine Ecologist hire based at Bodega Marine Laboratory! Anya's research seeks to integrate microbial and community ecology and will bring a new and exciting research direction to CMSI. Dr. Brown is also deeply committed to teaching, mentoring, and service and she is eager to join our efforts to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion within our academic community.

Southern California margin benthic foraminiferal assemblages record recent centennial-scale changes in oxygen minimum zone

Microfossil assemblages provide valuable records to investigate variability in continental margin biogeochemical cycles, including dynamics of the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ). Analyses of modern assemblages across environmental gradients are necessary to understand relationships between assemblage characteristics and environmental factors... Read the full publication by Hannah Palmer, Tessa Hill, et al. in Biogeosciences

High variability of Blue Carbon storage in seagrass meadows at the estuary scale

By Aurora M. Ricart, Ph.D.

Seagrass meadows are considered important natural carbon sinks due to their capacity to store organic carbon (Corg) in sediments. However, the spatial heterogeneity of carbon storage in seagrass sediments needs to be better understood to improve the accuracy of Blue Carbon assessments, particularly when strong gradients are present. We performed an intensive coring study within a sub-tropical estuary to assess the spatial variability in sedimentary Corg associated with seagrasses, and to identify the key factors promoting this variability.