Nine people gathered around a large blue sign that says UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve
Professor Eric Sanford with students from BIS 124 (Coastal Marine Research) on their last day of summer classes.
Photo by: Jackie Sones

Undergraduate Student Researchers Unveil Science Communication Videos

Students in BIS 124 (Coastal Marine Research) completed 2021 Summer Sessions at the Bodega Marine Laboratory by compiling the research they conducted during the course into these engaging and innovative 3-minute videos for a general audience. Join them as they meet urchins, crabs, snails, and bat stars in videos that integrate their training in research and science communication.

Feeling a Little Crabby

Sujung Chung and Yessica Gonzalez Cortes


Operation Snail Polish

Jacqueline Villa Rajerison and Maya Schulz


Star Worms

Tena Dhayalan and Adri Penix


Hungry Hungry Urchins

Nicole Cox and Michalea Lai

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