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Summer Classes at BML

Expanded Program in Coastal Marine Systems

This exciting, integrated program offers students a multidisciplinary understanding of coastal systems through hands-on, research and field based courses taught at BML. The Program offers courses during the UCD Summer Sessions 1 and 2; students can sign up for up to 10 units each session.  All courses require consent of the instructor(s) via an application process.

Apply now for Summer 2023! Applications are due April 3, 2023.

Summer Session 1: June 26 - August 4, 2023

​​​​Summer Session 2: August 7 – September 15, 2023

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Within each Summer Session, students can choose from a suite of courses that fulfill major or elective requirements, or students can take courses just for fun! Students from any college or university can enroll in these courses.

Some courses are specifically designed for students commuting from Davis or other Bay Area cities – check out the Summer Session 1 and Session 2 pages for further details.

Course fees are updated annually and posted on the UCD Summer Session website. Room and board costs at BML are in addition to course fees. For students who need housing, please see the Summer Session 1 and Session 2 pages for details.

Also see Summer Session Frequently Asked Questions


Additional resources and information for BML courses and course enrollment: