A close up of two white abalone that are dramatically different sizes perched on top of a person's fingertips

White Abalone Conservation

White abalone were the first marine invertebrate listed as endangered in the United States, and scientists are working to restore the species.

Learn more about White Abalone Conservation at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory:


A dark blue banner with stylized white sketches of white abalone overlaid with the text "Saving White Abalone"

The Road to Recovery

Learn about this iconic species, the history of the Captive Breeding Program, and meet some of our partners.

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A group of people wearing face masks and casual clothes. Many of their shirts say "Team White Abalone"

Meet the Scientists

Get to know Team White Abalone at UC Davis.

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Several white abalone clinging to the side of a tank, all with a white waxy coating protecting their shells

Species in the Spotlight

NOAA Fisheries highlights White Abalone.

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A tiny white abalone peering out from under it's shell, being held by a person's fingers

Show your Support

The Endangered White Abalone Restoration Fund.

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