Join the BML Email Distribution Lists

Adding your email address to the BML mail lists

You must be a member of the BML lists to send and receive announcements. To have your email address added to the BML lists please contact Kitty Brown with your request.

  • Announcements of general interest to the broad BML community should be directed to the mail list.
  • Announcements of more specific interest to BML residents should be directed to the list.

For additional information on how to manage your UC Davis mail list subscriptions, including how to remove your address from a list, please see the UC Davis mail list subscriber instructions. There are many other active BML Email distribution lists. If you need to be added to one of these lists, please contact BML IT - if we manage the list we can add you, otherwise we can direct you to the person who can add you.  

Creating an Email Distribution List

UC Davis provides a central email list service, Sympa, which is primarily supported by IT Express. An Email distribution list is useful when you need one address that can serve as a contact for a group or project, to distribute email to a group of people.

Any UC Davis affiliate with a UCD Kerberos account, including staff, faculty and students, can create mail lists through the UCD Sympa website.

You can create open lists that anyone can send messages to or closed lists which only subscribers can send to. Subscribers may include off-campus mail addresses.

For more information see the Sympa website.