Termination of access

When a person leaves BML or is assigned a new position and/or responsibilities within the University system, the user’s access authorization must be reviewed. Users must not use facilities, accounts, privileges or information for which they are not authorized in their new circumstances.

Before you leave BML please read and address the following:

Email and Campus Accounts - What happens to my Computing Account when I leave or retire from UC Davis?

This applies to individuals concluding their affiliation with BML and UCD, in other words this does not apply if you are moving from BML to Campus and will remain an affiliated student, faculty, staff member or researcher.

Computer and File Server Housekeeping

This applies to persons ending their affiliation with BML, as well as those who are moving from BML to Campus. If you are using a computer that was supplied for you by your PI or BML, look through your data on your machine AS WELL AS on the BML file servers you utilize, and make sure that you

  1. Gather any data you need to take with you
  2. Distribute your data to the people who need it and ensure they know where it is

Please plan on how you want to handle this before you actually leave. Do not leave your data on the BML file servers, IT does not know what data is important to you, IT does not archive user data for posterity, and will end up removing it if it is left behind. Plan ahead to get your personal data from the shared resources. We do aim to be reasonable and will attempt to negotiate alternatives for exceptions if they are absolutely necessary.