In coordination with the Sonoma County Health Order, the Bodega Marine Laboratory has suspended visiting hours and public tours until further notice.

Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve are open to UC Davis affiliates who must review and submit appropriate documentation, see Reopening Safety Plan & Operating Procedures.

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures

Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) and Bodega Marine Reserve (BMR) Reopening Plan 

All users should follow the steps below before accessing the Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve

1. All users must read through the Reopening Plan. It’s imperative that you understand the plan and agree to the terms, particularly the established special hygiene protocols.  

2. All users must sign and return the acknowledgement (last page of the Reopening Plan) to Al Carranza for filing. Please do not sign this acknowledgement until you have read the Reopening Plan carefully and completely. Failure to comply with any of the requirements within this document may result in your restriction from the Lab and Reserve. 

3. All users must fill out the daily access log for every visit to BML/BMR to track the data and time and spaces you visit.

4. Research users - Principal Investigators need to complete and submit the Activity Request Form for your laboratory and research activities. This form is only for PIs or their designated authority to fill out and sign. If there are multiple projects proposed, please fill out one for each distinct project. Return the form to Al Carranza who will forward it for appropriate approval.

This form will ensure that the project(s) you are proposing meets with the current requirements established by the UC Davis Office of Research:

  • Seasonal data collection such as field and agricultural work, time-sensitive human subject research studies, experiments close to completion – or deadline driven – whose pause or deferral would lead to long delays or loss of research results. 

  • Generation-driven animal and plant experimentation must be carried out or the value of the animal colony or plant varieties for research will be lost.

  • Lab and field access for students and postdocs close to completing their degree/term of appointment.  Research that is critical to meet thesis requirements for a final defense in the upcoming term or requirements before a graduating student can start a new position that has already been accepted. 

  • Necessary facilities should be staffed and operational to support only the ongoing research activities during Phase II.  Research activities dependent on BML common use facilities (e.g. wet labs) may thus be having a gradual ramp-up during this phase and will be vetted through a process defined by the facilities managers and BML administration. 

Please direct questions/comments about these procedures to