Housing and Conference Non-University Differential Rates

Housing and Conference Non-University Differential (NUD) Rates for Fiscal Year 2022-2023

Note: Rates will be increasing 3% on July 1, 2023.

All BML recharge rates are subject to a 36% Non-University Differential (NUD) assessment for non-University clients through 6/30/2023.

  • Per UC policy, University-approved recharge rates include a Non-University Differential (NUD) for all non-University users for the use of facilities, resources and/or services that operate as self-supporting activities.
  • The NUD is a component of the University’s federally negotiated indirect cost rate and is applied to recover indirect costs incurred by BML when providing services to non-University users. The NUD is derived from the Total Facilities and Administration Cost Rate (F&A) charged to sponsors of contracts and grants.
  • Components that are not typically utilized by outside clients, including Library, Sponsored Project Administration, and Equipment, are deducted from the F&A to arrive at the NUD.

The Budget & Institutional Analysis (BIA) division of UC Davis has determined that Non-UC affiliate researchers who hold a Research Associate (WOS) courtesy appointment at BML are not exempted from the NUD assessment.

Class Rates (includes meal plan)

Bed +3 Meals, per person

All groups of 10 or more and all long-term (1 week or more) summer season undergrads must be on meal plan


  • Dorms $152.00
  • Bunks $120.00


  • Dorms $800.00
  • Bunks $676.00

Overnight Rates w/Self-Service Kitchen Access

Bed only, per person


  • Dorms $84.00
  • Bunks $49.00


  • Dorms $335.00
  • Bunks $200.00

Long Term Lodging

Duplex - 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, 4 people maximum occupancy

  • Nightly $419.00
  • Weekly $1666.00
  • Monthly $3741.00

Lodge Rooms (private bath, shared kitchen) 2 people maximum occupancy per room

  • Nightly $215.00
  • Weekly $866.00
  • Monthly $1943.00

BML Meeting Rooms, Daily Rates 

  • Lecture Hall $635.00
  • Lounge $483.00
  • Conference Room $324.00
  • Other Break Out Rooms $211.00

Other Rates 

Conference Extra Help Administrative Fee

  • $106.00/Hr

Conference Cancellation Fee

  • 21-15 days prior to event: $234.00
  • 14-7 days prior to event: $468.00
  • Less than 7 days prior to event: $936.00

Group Meal Waiting per ½ hr. - $106.00

Third and All Subsequent Lock Outs - $135.00


Class Style Meals Served in Dining Hall (advance notice required for individual meal purchase)

  • Breakfast - $24.00
  • Bag Lunch - $24.00
  • Dinner - $35.00
  • Monthly Meals - $2530.00

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