BML IT Resources for Undergraduate Students

Computing Services Available to Spring and Summer Undergraduate Students

This document outlines the Information Technology policies and support available to you at BML. Additional information about technology at BML can be found in the IT Service Level Agreement.

Your responsibility as a BML network user

Your use of the BML network service constitutes your agreement to abide by the University’s acceptable use policy, as well as BML’s security requirements. BML supplied computers are managed by IT and meet the Computer Security Requirements and have antivirus software, up-to-date virus definitions and appropriate security patches for your operating system.

Wireless Access

Wireless at Housing

  • Wireless at BML Housing (called "Housing") requires an access password, please obtain from IT or the Housing Manager, the housing wireless network has internet access only, no access BML network services


  • Individual experience/performance of Housing internet service will be affected by the availability of existing bandwidth, particularly during peak occupancy/peak usage times.
  • Flat screen TV's are located in Tokau, Miwok, and Oolok. You can use these to stream video, and we encourage streaming together for the best experience, as bandwidth at housing is a finite resource.

Housing network problems should be addressed to

During the months of peak occupancy, between June and October (6/15-10/1), network or wireless access problems will be considered P3 and will be addressed as soon as possible, during the resumption of business hours M-F 8AM-5PM, or as IT personnel are available during off hours.  

During the months of lower occupancy, between October and June (10/2-6/14), network or wireless access problems at housing will be considered P4 and will be addressed within ~24 hours, as personnel are available, during business hours M-F 8AM-5PM.

Wireless at BML

  • The wireless network “BML Private” has access to all network services (servers, printers, internet) and requires a password, please contact BML IT for access information.
  • The wireless network “BML Public” is internet only - it does not have access to BML network services, and requires no access password (just agree to the terms of use in your browser).

Wired ethernet access is available in many locations throughout the BML facility. On the UC Davis Campus, wireless networks support most wireless devices and are available to all UC Davis computing account holders, sponsored guests, and Eduroam account holders.

Bandwidth Usage

“Bandwidth” refers to the size and speed of the connection between the internet and Bodega Marine Laboratory. This bandwidth is used to send (upload) information from your computer or to receive (download) information to your computer.

While every network device has its own connection, each device must share bandwidth with the entire facility. This means that individual users can affect the performance and quality of the network by using a disproportionate amount of the available bandwidth.

While using the Laboratory network, we ask that you refrain from discretionary high bandwidth activities such as streaming video, multiplayer gaming, peer-to-peer file sharing, large data downloads, or syncing large volumes of data to cloud services during business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM.

IT is committed to providing the necessary bandwidth to carry out the education, research and public service missions of BML. IT reserves the right to temporarily terminate a network connection in cases where an individual's activity degrades network performance. If we notice what we consider overuse or excessive activity, we will attempt to identify the source and speak to the individual. If we cannot ID the source of the traffic we may temporarily disconnect the source computer from the network.

If you have a requirement for a high bandwidth activity, please communicate with us; this is the only way to ensure that your network service will remain uninterrupted.

Student Network Accounts

Students will use their UC Davis account to access BML network resources such as computer lab PCs and file servers. If you are not a UCD student, you will need to have your instructor request a Temporary Affiliate Form for your term at BML. You'll use this account to access file servers and (in some cases) print servers. Please use your own account from your personal computer, use the "clab" account when in the computer lab.

Connecting to the file server "Chinook"

Where to store your work on the BML network

The BML network file server is called "Chinook". Students should store their work on Chinook in the "Classes" folder within the folder for your course/term. See instructions (above) on how to access the BML file server.

Each class/term has a folder within the folder \\Chinook\Classes - named for the quarter, for example: "Summer 2018". For your own use, feel free to create a project folder within \\Chinook\Classes\Term+Year\Students - named with your own name. Please do not store sensitive personal information in this folder or anywhere on a BML file server. These folders are accessible from the computer lab or your personal computer (with your active BML network account). Do be sure to make copies of any data you would like to take with you before you leave BML at the end of the course.

Do not save work on the computer lab PCs. These are re-imaged at reboot and any work saved on the computer lab machines will be lost. Instead DO save your work to the appropriate Classes folder on the file server.

Computer Lab

The computer lab has 8 PCs networked with access to the internet and the BML LAN - these PCs have many common software applications installed, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Acrobat Reader, several statistics packages, etc. Network drives have been mapped (see \\Chinook\Classes on lab computers) so students can save their work on the file server. Note that we do not guarantee the security of work saved locally on the computer lab machines, so students must save their work on the file server. As previously mentioned, directories for your specific class have been created in \\Chinook\Classes.

  • Use the "clab" login when working in the computer lab, saving your work to the mapped drive for your class in \\Chinook\Classes\... (mapped under "My Computer" on the computer lab PCs).
  • Remember that the computer lab is a common use area, use the resources and the space mindfully with respect for your fellow students and other lab users.
  • Contact BML IT if you need assistance installing additional software on computer lab PCs, or if you encounter any problems with the computer lab PCs.

Some specialized software programs can be accessed via the UC Davis IET Virtual Computer Lab which allows remote connections to computers in the IET computer rooms on campus.


The computer lab and the library have black & white two-sided (duplexing) printers. If you need color output, contact IT or your instructors. Please print in duplex mode whenever possible, this makes use of both sides of the paper. To do so, follow the links to the printer set up instructions for either the Mac or the PC. You may have to several test sheets in order to fully understand the "flip on long edge or flip on short edge" concept - you should probably test this before you print a huge document, duplexed, only to find you don't like the orientation of the print job.

Printer problems should be reported to BML IT.

We recommend that students set up printers by IP address. 

Presentation (AV) Resources

  • The BML Lecture Hall has a projector and PC laptop for presentations, the South Wing Lounge also has a projector for presentations, and there are projectors in several other meeting rooms.
  • Please ask for assistance in becoming acquainted with the AV equipment.
  • If you wish to use the AV resources for entertainment (DVD viewing, etc) please use the Lounge rather than the Lecture Hall AV system.
  • Be sure to return the equipment to the state in which you found it and turn off the projector when you are done.
  • Questions about AV resources should be addressed to BML IT

More information on Audio/Visual resources

Student Owned Personal Computers

Student owned equipment is supported only for the purpose of connecting it to the BML network. This support will consist of assistance in assuring that the network interface card is correctly configured for the student's operating system to properly function on the network. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the operating system software is functioning properly and that the computer is free of viruses, malware, etc.

More information on the limits of support for student-owned computers

Microsoft Office for Student Computers

Instructions on how students can obtain Microsoft Office for their computer

Useful Links

Thank you for your cooperation, have a satisfying and productive term at the Bodega Marine Laboratory.