Dive Training Facility

Roger and Elizabeth Sippl Diver Training Facility


The scientific diver classes at BML are possible due to the Roger and Elizabeth Sippl Diver Training Facility. The pool not only allows on-site formal training, but is also used for diver refresher sessions (dry suit, rescue, general skills), dive class staff workshops, and equipment testing. This 280,000 gallon concrete pond, required to provide additional fire suppression for the Laboratory expansion, was specifically designed to provide daily service for diver training.

A generous gift from Roger and Elizabeth Sippl, two of the Laboratory’s strongest supporters and avid divers themselves, has allowed us to name the facility in their honor.

BML Enriched Air "Nitrox" (EANx) Facility

BML remains the first West Coast research station with Enriched Air, Nitrox capability. The facility consists of a continuous EANx blending system, designed and built by Aqua Tech Engineering, a Rix 3KB 28cfm oil free compressor, oxygen cleaned air purification system, six cascade banks (three each of air and EANx) and a four cylinder fill station control panel built by BML Physical Plant. The facility provides service and training to UC subtidal research projects and scientific divers.