The BML Seminar Committee

The John and Mary Louise Riley Seminar Series is a public scientific seminar series held at the Bodega Marine Laboratory. The Seminar Committee is composed of four grad students/staff/postdocs and one faculty advisor. The faculty advisor is permanent, the other four members serve for two-year terms. This committee selects, organizes, plans and schedules guests for the Seminar Series, an important component of the science community at BML.


Bodega Diversity Committee

The Bodega Diversity Committee consists of volunteers from BML and BMR who are committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the BML/BMR community. Comments or suggestions for the committee can be made by emailing co-chairs Kristin Aquilino and Benjamin Rubinoff or by using the Committee's anonymous digital suggestion box.

See the Diversity Statement for Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve

Bodega Marine Sciences Association (BMSA)

The Bodega Marine Sciences Association is a group comprised of students, researchers, staff, faculty, and volunteers of the Bodega Marine Laboratory community. BMSA raises funds through apparel sales to provide travel grants for students to attend scientific meetings across the country where they present their research, interact with other researchers, and learn about the latest developments in their field. BMSA members organize and volunteer at local community events, such as the annual Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival, Coastal Cleanup Day, and planned work days for invasive species removal. BMSA works with local high school and community college students to engage them in marine science first-hand, mentoring students on how to conduct scientific research in the lab and in the field. 

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The Bodega Science Communication Collective (BSCC) 

The Bodega Science Communication Collective provides scientists with opportunities to learn and practice communication skills, which are necessary for science leadership across diverse public and governmental spheres. The BSCC believes that communicating effectively outside of academia requires continual practice and training beyond what is normally taught in graduate programs. Established in 2018, the BSCC is based at the Bodega Marine Laboratory and is comprised of academic and government scientists from all career stages. Together, BSCC members participate in reading discussions and group projects that explore science communication through a variety of mediums. The BSCC also strives to unite innovative perspectives on communication by hosting workshops with journalists, authors, artists, activists, and public leaders. 

Mission: The Bodega Science Communication Collective is dedicated to strengthening and diversifying scientists’ communication skills through activities that introduce broad perspectives on effective communication between scientists, the public, and governmental agencies. 

Vision: That BSCC scientists will employ communication skills to unite scientific knowledge with public insight, with the goals of both enhancing public understanding of the sciences and empowering scientists to become public leaders.


CMSI Graduate Student Affairs Committee (CMSI GSAC) 

Graduate students and postdocs at UC Davis are invited to join the the CMSI and BML mail lists to receive seminar and colloquia announcements, marine-related funding sources, CMSI social events and updates, rideshare and couch surfing opportunities. Also see Student Resources.

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