Kristin Aquilino, Ph.D.

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  • Bodega Marine Laboratory
Bodega Marine Laboratory
University of California Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory, PO Box 247, 2099 Westshore Rd, Bodega Bay CA 94923

Dr. Kristin Aquilino is the lead scientist for the White Abalone Captive Breeding Program based at University of California, Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and including a dozen partners along the west coast of North America. Her research focuses on the reproductive conditioning and husbandry of endangered white abalone, as well as the effects of climate change and disease on their captive and wild populations. She is a member of the California Sea Grant Extension team, connecting her work with state and federal agencies, Indigenous nations, commercial aquaculture growers, aquariums, and other stakeholders. Dr. Aquilino is a recipient of NOAA’s Species in the Spotlight Hero Award.