Student Perspectives

Learning and Leading

Karolina Zabinski, the Lead Mentor for the Marine and Coastal Science (MCS) Major during the 2023-24 academic year, has done a lot with her time at UC Davis, but mentorship was an entirely new adventure.

Summer with Burying Beetles

Sydney Franks is a fourth-year Biology major at SRJC intending to transfer in the fall of 2024.  She is interested in exploring ecological research and was mentored by Tracie Hayes at the  Bodega Marine Lab in the summer of 2023.  

This summer I was given the opportunity to intern at the Bodega Marine Lab. Prior to this, I had no research experience and did not know what exactly I would like to do majoring in  Biology. I knew I wanted to gain research experience in a lab or doing field work to expand the options for my future.  

Working in the WAC Lab

Driven by his interest in aquaculture and restoration ecology Ry has been taking biology classes at SRJC as he explores the possibility of applying to graduate school. 

How to Grow the Best Tasting … Barnacles?

I am Kevin Witt, a second-year intern in the SRJC-BML program who has just finished his third year at Santa Rosa Junior College with a series of associate degrees in various scientific disciplines. I will be beginning at Sonoma State in the fall of 2023 as a Junior. I will be studying for a double major in Biochemistry and Geology. After completing my bachelor’s degrees, I hope to pursue a PhD in conservation science, preferably through Davis studying here at BML.

Studying Snail Eggs at BML

I am Kamryn Conway, an SRJC student transferring to UCSD in Fall 2023, majoring in Human Biology. I am interested in systems biology and medicine. My mentor was Keira Monuki, a 4th-year PhD student. 

Data Collection with the Coastal Oceanography Group

I am in the SRJC-Bodega Marine Lab summer internship studying harmful algal blooms with the Coastal Oceanography Group. I am driven and motivated by my strong work ethic, which makes me feel accomplished when I have accomplished something I thought was difficult. I believe I am great with people when it comes to helping, whether that be having a conversation or being a good listener. My current short term goal is to finish classes at SRJC and gain more experience in research so I can apply to medical school to become a medical doctor.