Evolution and Adaptation

Why are meadow spittlebugs vanishing and why should we care?

August 15, 2018

Meadow spittlebugs, once very abundant on plants along the California coastline, are declining rapidly or vanishing from their previous habitats, according to ecologists Richard Karban and Mikaela Huntzinger of UC Davis, co-authors of newly published research in the journal Ecology.

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It's good to be rare, for some species. Rarity can be key to survival, not just extinction.

December 06, 2017

UC Davis professors Rick Grosberg and Geerat Vermeij have studied how some key traits enable some species to be rare and may also hold the ticket to their survival.  Their perspective paper is published in the journal Ecology Letters and can help conservationists better manage both rare and common species. 

UC Davis News wrote about the paper here

Peter Wainwright Explores Fish Evolution and Feeding 

May 01, 2017

One of the world's leading experts in fish morphology, Peter Wainwright has begun to tie together how the 700 families of fish are related to one another and how they have evolved in their environments. His work focuses on biomechanics of how fish feed and how this has led to their ecology.