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Into the Deep End

The rest of the crew and I have various nicknames for the gear we use to collect fish plankton from the depths, and none of them are particularly complimentary. Two months ago I found myself securing our nets for another deployment one last time. It was around 2am and I was thrilled that I would not have to scramble over nets and lines and hitch up the four heavy nets for another round of fishing. This was the last deployment of the last station of the last cruise for the year.

Graduate School as a Long, Long Run

I’m 13 miles into a 32 mile footrace and my legs refuse to move another inch. I started winding my way through trails on the foggy Mendocino coast hours ago. Now, after crossing a couple of icy cold streams and climbing 4,000 feet through the redwoods my legs and I battle.

Graduate Studies in Marine Science 

Studying Marine Science as a UC Davis Graduate Student

Did you know that more than half of the UC Davis graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary graduate groups?

Graduate groups combine the talents and skills of faculty and students from a broad range of research areas. Graduate group students represent diverse backgrounds, skill sets, focuses, and techniques because students have the unique opportunity to take courses, conduct research, and explore epistemologies and research modalities outside traditional department structures.