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Marine and Coastal Science Major Lead Mentor Courses Fall: Professional Development in Marine Science Course Description

A professional development seminar for sophomore, junior, and first-year transfer students interested in a career in the marine science that will teach students (1) how science works, (2) skills that will make them a successful student, (3) how to find career experiences during their time as undergraduates that will prepare them for careers after completing their Bachelor’s degree!

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MCS Lead Mentor Courses:

The MCS Lead Mentor teaches courses in Fall, Winter, and Spring that prepare MCS majors for their future. The courses include professional development, career exploration, and a seminar series journal club.

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Resource Topics:
  • Peer Mentorship

  • These resources have been compiled and maintained by each of the past MCS Lead Mentors.

Supporting Marine Science Undergraduates Through Flexibility, Agility, and Inclusivity

The 2021-22 academic year brought UC Davis students back to campus, and a new set of challenges and opportunities for the Marine and Coastal Science (MCS) major Lead Mentor. Meghan Zulian, a doctoral student in the Ocean Climate lab at UC Davis & Bodega Marine Laboratory, is tasked with mentoring, teaching, and guiding the undergraduate MCS majors through this year.