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Jacquie Rajerison (left) and Professor Eric Sanford (right) at the Bodega Marine Reserve.

8 Tips to Ask a Professor to Be Your Mentor

Finding a mentor in college could be your favorite homework

"Interacting with your professors can be one of the most rewarding parts of your experience as an undergraduate student. Many students benefit greatly from having a professor who serves as a mentor — that is, someone in your area of interest who guides, advises, and supports you to help advance your education and career." 

CMSI affiliates Jacquie Rajerison (MCS grad '21) and Dr. Eric Sanford (BML faculty) were invited to contribute to the UC Davis "What Can I Do with My Major" blog. The article provides valuable tips and guidance for undergraduates to make the most out of their college experiences, including how to ask a professor to be a mentor. 

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