A person walking along a coastal bluff.
Searching for bees at the Salmon Creek Beach overlook site.

Putting the Bee in BML

A Santa Rosa Junior College - Bodega Marine Laboratory Internship Program Story

I am a third year student at Santa Rosa Junior College and hope to transfer to UCSC or Cal Poly Humboldt next fall. I am studying Biology with a specific interest in organismal biology, but every time I try something new, I want do that forever, so I like to keep my options open for now. 


A person in a dark colored beanie kneeling down in high grass next to a nest full of eggs.
Luis and Bailey stumbled upon a nest of turkey eggs while doing weed work in the dunes.


I had a fantastic summer at the Bodega Marine Lab this year, and consider it to be one of the best experiences I could have had. I got to connect with all sorts of people and learn about their role at the lab, and the way that all of their roles fit together to make the lab run. I got to work in the field all summer, and learned a lot about the land we were working on, and I really enjoyed it. Each day, my mentor Luis and I would go out and do weed work to control the encroachment of invasive species on the dunes or coastal prairie, and we would do basic maintenance to make sure that the reserve functions, such as cleaning slippery algae from the greenhouse or fixing the signs in the mudflats. 


A selfie of a person working at a laptop.
Keying bees in Luis’s office.


I was also able to complete my own research project at BML this summer. I developed my own proposal, met with the research coordinator, and submitted an application to use the reserve. I did a small survey of the native bees that lived in a small section of coastal prairie above Salmon Creek Beach. On three different days, I collected bees over a forty five minute period, then once they were pinned, I used a key to identify which genus they belonged to. I feel very fortunate to have been able to complete this project and for all of the restoration work that I was able to do on the reserve, but my personal and professional growth over the summer has been the most valuable reward.

About the Program: 

The SRJC-BML Internship Program provides summer research opportunities for Santa Rosa Junior College students at the Bodega Marine Laboratory.

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