Spotlight On: Leslie Guerrero

Coral reefs are foundational and iconic ecosystems that have long captivated many with their vibrant colors, interesting ecology, and ecosystem productivity. However, these beautiful reefs are facing their biggest challenge yet: climate change. How can immobile marine organisms, such as corals, survive and thrive in waters that are steadily warming? Leslie Guerrero, a PhD student in the Bay Lab at UC Davis, is working tirelessly to answer these questions.

Spotlight On: Carina Fish

Exploring the Oceans

Corals are one of the most iconic images of the ocean, offering a spectacular scenery of vibrant, underwater castles for snorkelers and divers. But for marine biogeochemist ​Carina Fish​, these vacation spots aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. Corals are biological time capsules, making them a perfect toolset for Fish to utilize as she uncovers stories about the Earth’s past.

Spotlight On: Kate Lane

Spotlight on the Scientists: Kate Lane Kate, a Population Biology Ph.D. student working in Jonathan Eisen’s lab, is currently developing her research ideas about microbes.

For many people, studying large mammals or vibrant, multicolored birds is their dream come true. But for Kate Lane, microscopic organisms like bacteria are her passion.

Spotlight On: Lorenzo Ray Olano

There is a certain warmth that accompanies Lorenzo Ray Olano as he moves through the world. For someone working toward becoming a veterinarian, this ability to lighten a room will undoubtedly transform his practice into something great. But as an animal science major, he didn’t expect he’d find a path that included aquatic animals too.

Spotlight On: Aaron Ninokawa

In the third grade, few of us knew what we wanted to spend our life doing. For Aaron Ninowaka, he knew it involved understanding fish behavior which, as a ten-year-old, he hoped would equate to catching more fish. Over time, his love of fishing guided him through two degrees from Cal State Fullerton; a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Spotlight On: Dr. Howard Spero

Dr. Howard Spero is currently a Professor at UC Davis. He was in charge of paleoceanography research during his time as Program Director at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC from 2006-2008. In 2013, he won the UC Davis research lecturer award and became a fellow of the American Geophysical Union in 2014. 

Spotlight On: Brittany Jellison

Brittany Jellison is a PhD student in Ecology in the College of Biological Sciences at Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory. Her research focuses on marine ecology, global change ecology, species interactions, ocean acidification, and animal behavior. 

Spotlight On: Shay O'Farrell

Shay O'Farrell, who hails from Ireland, is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy. His work focuses on movement tracking data to understand how and why people and animals choose to go where they go.