A group of students gathered on a rocky outcrop next to the ocean, smiling and posing for the photo.
Photo Credit: Jackie Sones

Summer Session Students Make a Splash with Short Films

Coastal Marine Research (BIS 124) was taught at Bodega Marine Laboratory during Summer Session I by Professor Eric Sanford. Undergraduate students in this course receive training in all aspects of the research process while conducting independent research projects in teams of two. Students also develop communication skills by sharing their findings with other scientists through written reports and oral presentations.

An additional component of this course trains students to communicate their research effectively to the public by producing science outreach videos. Students highlighted their research projects for a general audience in 3-minute films that premiered in a Film Festival at Bodega Marine Lab on August 1 and are available to watch below.

Our Sea Stars Have Serious Mussels

Filmmakers: Pachia Lee, Elena Rich, & Xingyao Yu


History Mystery

Filmmakers: Sophia Lindemuth & Siara Mitchell


Growing in New Waters: How Bryozoans Adapt

Filmmakers: Aya Brantley & Hailey Thompson


Do Mussels Know They're on the Menu?

Filmmakers: Caroline Donohew & Lainie Mikeska


Getting Hotter With Hermissenda

Filmmakers: Peter Choi & Jared Bayani Eleccion


The Dove Snail & The Forbidden Boba

Filmmakers: Max Chow & Sammie Yee


Kelp is on the Way!

Filmmakers: Mandy Lin & Cohen Maxwell


The Kelptomaniac

Filmmakers: Douglas Gonzalez & Zach Schneider


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